Pen­ger­tu­pa in Eng­lish

Pengertupa offers support, help and advice for the blind and the visually impaired on weekdays from Monday to Friday 8-16. The work of Pengertupa is funded by Raha-automaattiyhdistys (RAY) and by the City of Helsinki.

Pengertupa’s services include guiding and assisting people, as well as organising and passing on the help given by volunteers. The services give you short-term support for coping with daily life.

You can meet the staff personally at the office, or you can phone from Monday to Wednesday 10-12. If you want a guide to take you somewhere, please, make an appointment in advance.

The help given at Pengertupa is free of charge. Guiding (and assisting)outside the office is available for a fee and it is meant for those living in  Helsinki. The guide service costs 6 euros/ 2 hours, after which the cost is 2 euros/ 1 hour.

Guide service includes:
  • guidance and advice
  • reading the post, newspapers and magazines
  • guidance on using different services
  • searching information and filling in forms
  • using closed-circuit television
  • doing shopping, visiting an agency or a doctor
  • running other personal errands


Daytime activity is an open meeting among peers. The visually impaired meet at Pengersali on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Guides, personal assistants, friends and relatives are also welcome! Daytime activity includes:
  • a weekly meeting place
  • free discussions
  • peer support
  • visitors and experts
  • information
  • events
  • excursions
  • coffee break


Pengertupa’s staff acts as an intermediary arranging voluntary assistants for the visually impaired. A volunteer is a friend who meets you as agreed upon. You can ask for a volunteer to join you when you attend a cultural event, an excursion or recreation activities. The volunteer is bound by professional secrecy. If you want to ask for a volunteer or become a volunteer, contact the staff of Pengertupa. Volunteer referral service is free of charge.



Pengerkatu 11 A 3 (2nd floor), 00530 Helsinki
(Press the doorphone: "Pengertupa" or "Pengersali". If you are physically impaired and need help, call the staff.)

Guide Service and Volunteer Referral Service

The office is open from Monday to Wednesday 10-12, or according to the appointment.
Tel. 044 066 2248

Service counselor/ Service assistant


Pengertupa’s afternoon activities on Tuesdays 13-15.30 and on Fridays 13-15.30.

Pengersali Reservations:

Tel. 044 066 2248