Nä­kyil­lään!-pro­jek­ti in Eng­lish


Näkyillään! Project was a peer support development project organized by Helsingin ja Uudenmaan Näkövammaiset ry’s Pengertupa centre. The project was funded by Raha-automaattiyhdistys (RAY).

Näkyillään! Project strived to involve active people of various ages in peer support. The staff of Näkyillään! Project worked at Pengertupa and they travelled around the region of Uusimaa in 2013-2015.

The goal of the project was to bring peer support and recreation to the visually impaired, to prevent social exclusion, to increase a sense of community and social well-being. The project enabled the peer support clubs to work, and looked for new peer supporters and participants in the regional club activities.

In the Näkyillään! Project the peer supporter himself or herself was blind or visually impaired. He or she was both a supporter and he or she gave and received support. Participating in the activities did not oblige you to do anything.

Peer support education was organized according to the regional need and demand. Education was offered to the counselors and participants. Peer counselling was based on voluntariness. Being a peer motivated you and supported you in daily life. Peer support brouht joy into your life.